Why do online sellers choose eDesk?


eDesk is the only help desk software that has been designed and built from the ground up for eCommerce. 

There are other help desks out there, however, none of them are able to bring all of your order information and customer interaction into one screen.

You do not have to be logged in to multiple systems, searching through multiple orders, customer interactions, shipping systems. eDesk brings this all together for you.


What is important to you?


When you have one goal, it is easier for us to build the best help desk for online sellers

What do we think are our 3 best features that are unique for online sellers ?

  1. A single view of:
    • Your customer and their details
    • Your product and it's information
    • The order details
    • Shipping information
    • Customer interactions
  2. Auto responders! You cannot afford to miss your marketplace SLA's, with eDesk auto responders you do not need to worry
  3. Data driven dashboards for sales and response performance allowing you to intelligently scale up and down the customer support side of your business. This is a vital component given the efficiencies achieved by using eDesk.

There is more information on all of eDesk features over here.


Our pricing is simple and extremely competitive, we took the hassle out of trying to evaluate "what size" help desk you think you need.

Key points:

  • All plans have unlimited tickets
  • Auto responders are included
  • Smart ticket allocations
  • Integrated market place SLA

There is more information on eDesk pricing over here.


Getting Started?

If you want to get started and see eDesk in action, you can do this instantly with no credit card required. Our free trial works like this:

  • No limits on customer interactions!
  • No credit card needed
  • 14 day - no obligation trial
  • Dedicated support
  • Instant marketplace connections

There really is no reason not to allow eDesk to save you money in support costs!