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How Superfood Market Grew Online Revenue to £10 Million

In 2009, Gemma Andrews had a bright career ahead of her with a secure government job, amazing prospects, and a solid pension. But she walked away from it all to follow her passion, and with a smart eye for business built a lucrative ecommerce business that employs over 100 people across the UK.

In this webinar, we look at the positive impact our Google Shopping module had on Gemma's business.

Three Reasons To Watch This Webinar:

1. Gemma Andrews, Co-Founder at, added £3m annual revenue to her webstore business when she started selling on Google’s Shopping Tab. She shares her story of growing Superfood Market into a £10m online business.

2. Our Head of Success, Callum O'Riordan, will explain how to push your webstore product feed direct to Google with just six simple steps.

3. John Lojek from Google is on hand to help explain how Google wants to help merchants sell more than ever.

Length: 49 mins