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With competition between sellers at an all-time high, you need an edge to stay ahead.

In this webinar, Ray Nolan, xSellco CEO and Hostelworld founder, discusses how to drive growth by optimizing your customer support strategies.

We’ll be covering:

  • How to improve your response times and beat the SLAs
  • How to handle queries across multiple marketplaces
  • How to get better feedback and more of it



Build reputation across
channels and drive sales

Fully integrated feedback solution to improve seller feedback and product reviews. Focused on positive reviews, to help you rank higher, build reputation, and increase sales.

SLA management

Respond to queries on time,
every time

Ensure you never miss a deadline with clear countdown response and resolution SLA views on every ticket for every marketplace and channel.

Auto translate

Go global
with one- click

Gives your team the ability to communicate in multiple languages, helping scale your business without the need for multilingual agents.


No time
for time wasting

Use customizable snippets and pre-built templates to send fast, accurate and personalised replies in seconds.


Never leave a message

Act faster and meet customer expectations with automated responses.


Create and save limitless
smart filters

View your workflow from order type, marketplace and SLA status. Switch instantly between pre-set views. Move through tasks seamlessly.


Organize early and resolve

Automatically categorize your incoming mail with bespoke labels to help efficiently manage your workflow – VIP Buyers, Urgent Returns.


Always improving your

Analysis & reports on trends and metrics like response times and message volume in your support data. Designed to help you improve productivity and customer satisfaction.


Automatically generate invoices
on request

Respond to invoice requests in seconds. eDesk will create and attach an invoice by return with one click.


Automate workflows,
watch work flow

With eDesk smart agent assignation you always know who is replying to a query, who is helping and who is following the query.


Break down barriers
with your customers

Easily create a chat widget for your site and instantly respond to real customers in real time to resolve even faster and more effectively.

Evaluate. Act. Resolve.